Community Outreach/Poster Design
Digital Media
 . Healthcare facilities are often antiseptic and bland. Healing Through The Arts aims to tackle this issue. They provide free art to inspire hope, calm, and healing. Each year, they host The Hope & Healing Juried Art Show. They ask for submissions of art work from local high school and college students. At the conclusion of the show, all of the art pieces submitted are donated to healthcare facilities. I have donated pieces for the art show for the past 6 years.
Moving Forward with Change

For this piece, my inspiration was the struggle I felt beginning my college career during the pandemic. Learning from the tough challenges and isolation during my freshmen year, I aspired to evolve and grow in my sophomore year. Working to do better and be better, that is how I am Moving Forward.

For this piece, my inspiration was the hope and calm that churches hold within their stained glass windows. Creatures big and small find themselves safe, often taking shelter within. When I was visiting my own church, I spotted a bird taking shelter in a window. This piece captures that secure feeling.
A Spot of Hope

I have a strong connection to ladybugs. They seem to appear on my car hood or window whenever I am going through a difficult time. They give me reassurance that good luck and better days are ahead. So, in early November of 2023, when my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, I thought he needed a ladybug in his life. I created this to bring him hope and good luck. He loved it. Sadly, he passed away on November 23rd, but I am so glad that I was able to share this with him. This piece is dedicated to his memory.
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